About Writer


Hi, welcome to my website. Here, I’ll share my traveling experiences from my own view. Everyone may go to same place, but they can write same object from their own side, can’t they? So do I.

I am a wife of great husband and a mom of lovely son. Japan is the country I am living now. I am a part of Tsukuba City resident. Before, I had lived in Bekasi, Lampung, and Balikpapan for years, except Lampung just for three months. I call my self as a wanderer in Allah’s land. 😀

Beside being a mom and wife, I am also a writer and editor. Finding me on virtual world is so easy. You could search my name “Miyosi Ariefiansyah” or “Miyosi Margi Utami” on google.

Oh, yeahh… I have another website on http://www.miyosiariefiansyah.com and myjournal.data.blog. I write random posts there.

I hope you can enjoy here and get so many informations or just relax when you read my writings.


Thank you,